CycleBar & Fitlife Foods

In my never-ending quest to find a work out regime that I can actually stick to (and not hurt myself in), I visited CycleBar, Winter Park’s newest indoor cycling studio.

The cycling studio just opened its doors on South Orlando Avenue and offered 60 free classes to the public — that is over 2,700 rides! I attended a 50 minute class co-hosted by Yelp Orlando with two friends, completely unsure of what to expect.

We signed waivers, checked in on iPads and were given our cycling shoes. You are required to wear these because the clips on the bottom attach to the pedals on the bike. Shoes, water bottles, wipes, hair ties, ear plugs and lockers are always included with the price.

image courtesy of Yelp Orlando

image courtesy of Yelp Orlando
You are able to choose your bike when you sign up for class online and your results are automatically sent to your email inbox once you’ve completed the workout. We positioned ourselves in the back of the room (classic) and awaited an instructor to adjust our seats. The studio was dark, with a spotlight on Jessica, the instructor. She explained that the two screens in the front would show our progress and compare it to everyone else’s in class — I now had the added pressure of knowing how much slower I was compared to Becky With The Good Hair next to me.

It was dark inside but the lights changed as our workouts became more rigorous i.e. red for “climbing,” blue for going “downhill” and pitch black to “hide my shame.” My fat, lazy body could barely get off the bike once Jessica began yelling at us to go from first to second position and then to third and I eagerly awaited for the moment in which we could slow down and work out our arms with the weighted bar on our bikes.

I survived. Sweaty, smiling and shaking from head to toe, but I survived.

Not super impressive, but hey… I tried.
Looking like three hot messes in search for food, my friends and I stumbled upon Fitlife Foods, a Tampa based shop that offers healthy, prepared meals for people on the go. The business has healthy prepared snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner options that come in three sizes — small, medium and large. Store pickup and home delivery are available.

I decided on Korean Beef (small) and Shrimp & ‘Grits’ (small) — quinoa in place of grits, which is delightful as I hate grits!

Both meals were quite delicious! I did add a bit of soy sauce to the Korean beef meal in order to add a little bit of flavoring to it but both were satisfying and I wasn’t as hungry as I imagined I would be after eating them. I did, however, feel extremely guilty at the thought of spending money on something I could easily make myself. And I say this as I gently move aside a copy of Edible Orlando which I mistakenly thought would inspire me to whip up something tasty in the kitchen, so let’s be real. I can’t cook and I’ll probably be back, Fitlife Foods.

Did anyone get the chance to check out CycleBar? There is a free 30 minute lesson for first time riders. I suggest you check it out!



Ballet, brunching, babies and Brazil

Spring is here! And in case you weren’t aware of the equinox change, your car has been spared a pollen attack and your nose lives to sniff another day.

I was able to check out the Don Quixote performance at the Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts on Friday with my husband.

I might never know if he actually enjoys accompanying me to the ballet. If he doesn’t, he sure makes it easy not looking lost or bored.

Kitri was played by Adiarys Almeida, a ballerina who at 22 was the first Cuban female dancer to be a finalist at the USA International Ballet Competition in 2006. I love when Hispanics are represented on stage, even more when they happen to be from Puerto Rico or Cuba! I’m not sure how else to describe her dancing other than so alive. Every pirouette on her pointed toes, her flirtatious fan dance as she teased Basilio and even when she was ignoring the advances of Gamache were on pointe (pun very intended) with her character.

It is rare for me to find myself, hands clasped over my chest, smiling and completely immersed in something (and not thinking about whipping my phone out to take pictures) but Orlando Ballet really outdid themselves this time along with the beautiful sounds of the Orlando Philharmonic. If you haven’t made it out to an Orlando Ballet performance, their next one will be Beauty and the Beast on April 29-May 1. In the meantime, I’ll be signing up for ballet classes


On Saturday, we headed over to Tampa to celebrate sweet Savannah’s first birthday! I’ve never witnessed a baby eating a smash cake as daintily as she did. She’s such a little princess and her eyelashes are on fleek (are kids still saying that?).

We also took a detour to visit the new Warby Parker store at the Oxford Exchange. If you’re familiar with the setup of the market, you know that the bookstore used to take up the entire front lobby entrance, but now the glasses store occupies half of the area. I’ve been a fan of the brand for a few years now (proud owner of two pairs!), always recommending it to friends, so I’m psyched that they opened up a store close to home. Now instead of ordering five glasses for the at-home try-on, I can spend hours trying on different frames at the store!

Picture taken by @Mikestamatic because my picture wasn’t as trendy

That evening we discovered and hit up a new local favorite: Black Rooster Taqueria. The space is small, as most locales on Mills are, so make sure you get there a bit before 8:00 p.m. to beat the crowd and be able to actually sit at a table!

Sunday was spent brunching with the best around downtown Orlando, celebrating our coworker’s birthday. We started off popping bottles at Kasa‘s brunch (Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. – $32 all you can eat and drink, $27 to just eat or $15 to just drink), sipping mimosa flights at Eola Wine Company ($10 flights!) and suffering from a brain freeze  a the Pop Parlour were I proceeded in dropping a frozen pop on my feet because I’m five. Like I said, brunching with the best.

This week will be another hectic one, trying to wrap up different projects before heading off to Brazil on Sunday and Miami the week after next. Can’t wait to get my Hepatitis A and B shots tomorrow morning and cry about it for a few days. Bear with me, I’m only 24.

How was your weekend? Anything going on this week?