Fri(yay) Lovin’ #14

Who has two thumbs (covered in bite marks because of her psychotic puppy) and is excited that it’s Friday? This gal!

I was extremely excited that this was going to be a short week because we had Memorial Day off and then I remembered that today is my SUMMER FRIDAY!

My current job allows us to take one Friday off during the months of June, July and August. So the weather doesn’t lend itself for an ideal Summer Friday… but I still get to kick off the weekend by relaxing at home, tidying up the house and hanging out with my dad, stepmom and nephews, one of them who graduated kindergarten last night, reminding me that I’m turning into an old hag!

So let’s kick this Friday off with the things I’m loving!

Top Paw Life Jacket: My mother-in-law recently bought Scout a Top Paw Life Jacket from PetSmart because her fur gets quite heavy while swimming. I will preface this by saying that if you’ve seen the (hilarious) videos I posted on social media, Scout absolutely hated the life jacket (there go my dreams of putting her in costumes…). BUT it is a necessity, as we have a pool and we want her to get used to swimming! The life jacket was affordable, light, it has a handle for pulling her out of the water and it is perfect for her to splash around the pool. She did great the first time she swam with it, but the second time, not so much. We think she was stressed out because her puppy cousins, two Vizsla pups, were swimming circles around her!

Had Scout written this blog, she would have not included the life jacket.
Puppy and human cousins.
Ocean Sun Brewing: On our poorly-planned Ale Trail Memorial Day adventure (we didn’t have a game plan and most of the breweries were closed) with our friends, we discovered Ocean Sun Brewing, which opened last spring. Located on a strip mall in Curry Ford, there really isn’t much to the outside of it, but inside the 5,200 square foot space features 120 seats and a five-barrel brewing system with 50 barrels of fermentation space. It also has space in the back for corn hole, darts and let me not forget the most important detail, it is DOG FRIENDLY, so I was basically in dog heaven (as you could probably tell from my Snapchat story). Halston and I ordered flights and my favorite was the Bumby Belgian Blonde Ale (I have a thing for blondes). The only thing that would make this place even cooler than it already is, is if it were actually by the beach. But it’s okay, I’ll live. We’ll be back, with Scout in tow.

Dat depth, tho.

Cubicle to Cuba: Desk Job to Dream Job: If you’re looking for an easy read, this is it. In this book Heidi Siefkas highlights her journey of quitting her cozy cubicle job and pursuing her passion of traveling to places like Kauai, Italy, Peru, New Zealand, Australia and Cuba as a tour guide. She shares her perspective gained from years of travel on the once-forbidden island, which is great, as I one day hope to visit the island that my father is from, but I will say that the book lacked introspection and depth. Either way, it was a fun read, I did laugh quite a bit with the stories she shared about her tour groups and it made me excited to start planning my future trip to Cuba!

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend! 



Fri(yay) Lovin’ #6

I think we can all agree that trying to pencil in some much needed “girl time” is hard once you become an adult so when you’re able to squeeze in not one but two entire evenings to catch up with friends, your heart basically explodes.

It’s been a busy week for me, between work events (click here for SeaWorld announcement), impromptu gatherings, a random photoshoot that will probably not launch my modeling career and getting ready for the inevitable departure of my boss today — I’m basically riding a rollercoaster of emotions.


But it is Friday and my heart is happy so we can get back to our regularly scheduled Fri(yay) Lovin’ post in which I share the things that made me smile this week!

Parabo Press:

A few weeks ago I was scrolling around the “Explore” tab on Instagram and came across Parabo Press. They are a photo printing service for “design-minded photo takers.” Once you give them permission on the app, they can pull images from your social media accounts or your phone’s photo album and you can create calendars, square prints, glass prints, engineer prints and more on elegant matte paper. They currently have a special deal going on for square prints (check their Instagram bio) — 20 free prints, just pay for shipping — which is guaranteed to get you hooked on their service!

Some of my Instagram pictures coming to life!

Dead Lizard Brewing Co.:

We grab a drink at our local brewery quite often and have never really thought to visit another one until last weekend when we found a $35 Groupon that included four flights, a souvenir cup and a brewery tour of Dead Lizard Brewing Co. so we called up our friends and headed out.

The brewery is located inside a warehouse near the Mall at Millenia and it is owned by husband-and-wife duo Richard and Patricia Dine. The story of how the name came to be is simple: the owner saw two dead lizards on his porch and the rest is history.

We weren’t able to go on the tour because you have to reserve your spot ahead of time, but we did get to enjoy the environment and beers! I had the Key Lime Cream-Sic-Ale, the Orange Cream-Sic-Ale, the Trippy Pippy’s Red Dred Ale and a stout, which I was surprised I actually enjoyed because I am not a fan of any stout.


The brewery has a menu of appetizers and small bites or you can just walk outside to one of the many food trucks that frequent the brewery’s parking lot.

Party Flavors Custom Cakes:

Our anniversary is coming up in ten days and we are looking forward to eating our weight in cake after our visit to Discovery Cove. We chose Party Flavors Custom Cakes for our wedding and instead of having to keep cake in our fridge for a year, Party Flavors actually bakes you a simple cake on your anniversary — you just have to give them a week’s notice and the flavor you’d like! For the wedding we couldn’t decide what flavor we wanted so each tier was different: Lemon, Strawberry, Amaretto and Bailey’s. We decided on Amaretto for our anniversary cake which is actually their most popular flavor. The staff is extremely helpful and easy to work with and the cakes are pretty much thebomb.comĀ so I highly recommend them.

Is anyone checking out the new CycleBar in Winter Park over the weekend? I’ll be there on Sunday afternoon and Monday evening, ready to die on a stationary!