I love weddings… that I don’t have to plan

I love weddings.

“But… don’t you remember that one time you got married and you hated every aspect of planning the wedding? And at one point your stepmom had to fly over to Orlando and go over linens, cake and flower designs because you said you didn’t want to plan the wedding anymore? And then you tried to cancel the wedding after paying for the venue and the dress? Remember that?” you might ask me, while re-reading all the text messages I sent you throughout the planning process, telling you to elope.

“Remember when you got the pricing for the centerpieces and you basically looked like this?”

You have a point. I hated every aspect of planning a wedding and all the price tags that came attached to it (I am sorry, future daughter). But I do love weddings… the weddings you meticulously planned for months and I showed up at to dance and drink your champagne.

This is what I look like when I get your wedding invitations.

I’ve been to about 20 weddings in my lifetime. I love dressing up, picking a wedding card (Rifle or bust) and dancing. There’s something about a group of people who can’t dance, clumsily stumbling across the dance floor to join in on the Cha-Cha Slide; a bunch of uncoordinated fools jammin’ out to Trap Queen.


I still follow a lot of social media accounts dedicated to weddings and honeymoons because I like looking at pretty things on my newsfeed so if you’re planning a wedding, know of someone planning a wedding or just like looking a pretty things, join me in dreaming of flower wreaths and lace!

Picture courtesy of Modcloth

Earlier this month, Modcloth debuted its affordable bridal line! Already known for its vintage, retro styling, Modcloth decided to expand its offerings and guess what? Most gowns are under $300! The bridal party line ranges from $75 to $300, making bridesmaids all over the nation rejoice. Jeanette from JsEverydayFashion.com featured some of the styles on her blog this week if you’re interested in checking out how the dresses look.

Picture courtesy of H&M

Not to be outdone by Modcloth, H&M also unveiled a bridal line that’s not only great for a wedding with a smaller budget, but great news for the socially-conscious bride. The gowns are part of the Conscious Exclusive Collection, made from materials like organic silk, recycled linen, hemp and decorative materials such as beads and rhinestones.


Let my pretty friend Ashlyn and her pretty friend Sarah plan your next event! Based in northern and central Florida, Loba Design Co. cannot wait to turn your next event into a masterpiece. From weddings to arts and crafts workshops, these two ladies want to leave you with memories that’ll last a lifetime. Follow them on Instagram and dream with them.

And if you’re looking for the perfect outdoor venue for your baby shower, wedding or special event, look no further than Bramble Tree Estate in Sorrento, Florida. Bramble Tree was built originally as a pristine equestrian estate complete with a large main house and an eight stall horse stable. Additionally, the 3,000 square foot pavilion and half acre horse riding arena, turned formal courtyard, overlooks the acres of manicured rolling fields abounding with seasonal flowers.

Plus, who wouldn’t want these two lovebirds planning your event at Bramble Tree? They’re pretty sweet.

Anyway, I’m off to Brazil over the weekend and I need to find the best mosquito repellent that will best protect me from the Zika virus.  Pray for me!




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